Sunday, 5 August 2012

New website from next month on blood donors

Dear All,

Some days ago, When a relative was to undergo an operation and blood was needed, We called all the blood banks we knew and couldnt get the required blood group, Our only option was to find a voluntary donor, We found it difficult to get donors when we searched for them using several search engines. (Later found out about one of them).

Around the same time the company we work in started this Social responsibility campaign and this got me thinking on what could be done, We decided to develop a website that could get donors and patients looking for donors together.

You can become a part of it and can furthur support the cause by :

1. Becoming a donor - OR

2. by Clicking on the facebook, twitter, Google plus links at the bottom of any of the web pages - visit and click on the Like button ( Spread the word )

3. Send me feedback/suggestions on how to improve by clicking on the feedback link or visiting

Any of the above will help, Do send us feedback to improve
Thank you
List of donors team